What is the Ground Clearance of a 2003 Subaru Forester?

Ground Clearance
2003 Subaru Forester
2003 Subaru Forester
Exterior length: 175.2; Exterior body width: 68.1; Exterior height: 65.0; Wheelbase: 99.4; Front Track: 58.9; Rear Track: 58.5; Turning Radius: 17.4; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2003 Ford Escape
Exterior length: 173.0; Exterior body width: 70.1; Exterior height: 69.1; Wheelbase: 103.1; Front Track: 61.0; Rear Track: 60.2; Turning Radius: 17.7 - 18.3; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2003 Honda CR-V
Exterior length: 178.6; Exterior body width: 70.2; Exterior height: 66.2; Wheelbase: 103.1; Front Track: 60.4; Rear Track: 60.6; Turning Radius: 17.1; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2003 Honda Element
Exterior length: 166.5; Exterior body width: 71.5; Exterior height: 74.0; Wheelbase: 101.4; Front Track: 62.1; Rear Track: 62.3; Turning Radius: 17.5; Ground Clearance: 6.9;
Ground Clearance: 6.9
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe
Exterior length: 177.2 - 177.3; Exterior body width: 71.7 - 72.7; Exterior height: 66.0; Wheelbase: 103.1; Front Track: 60.7; Rear Track: 60.7; Turning Radius: 18.5; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2003 Jeep Wrangler
Exterior length: 155.4 - 156.1; Exterior body width: 66.7 - 68.2; Exterior height: 69.4 - 72.1; Wheelbase: 93.4; Front Track: 58.0 - 58.5; Rear Track: 58.0 - 58.5; Turning Radius: 16.4 - 18.3; Ground Clearance: 10.2;
Ground Clearance: 10.2
2003 Jeep Liberty
Exterior length: 174.4; Exterior body width: 71.6; Exterior height: 70.2; Wheelbase: 104.3; Front Track: 60.0; Rear Track: 59.7; Turning Radius: 17.9; Ground Clearance: 9.5;
Ground Clearance: 9.5
2003 Mitsubishi Outlander
Exterior length: 179.1; Exterior body width: 68.9; Exterior height: 63.4 - 66.3; Wheelbase: 103.3; Front Track: 58.9; Rear Track: 59.3; Turning Radius: 18.7; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2003 Subaru Outback
Exterior length: 184.4 - 187.4; Exterior body width: 68.7; Exterior height: 58.3 - 63.3; Wheelbase: 104.3; Front Track: 57.9; Rear Track: 57.7; Turning Radius: 18.3; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2003 Toyota RAV4
Exterior length: 166.2; Exterior body width: 68.3; Exterior height: 65.7 - 66.1; Wheelbase: 98.0; Front Track: 59.3; Rear Track: 58.9 - 59.1; Turning Radius: 17.7; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data

Supposing you are in love with exploring off-road as we are, then you could have been curious about the 2003 Subaru Forester ground clearance. The later-on tables were made by our experts for automobile lovers such as you, who are looking for the ground clearance details of precise 2003 Subaru Forester.

From the start, when trying to pick the ground clearance for your 2003 Subaru Forester, you have to decide what type of cross-country trip you plan, seeing that there is an actual contract between fine sand piles and mountain pathways, that take altered 2003 Subaru Forester designs along with its particular lower ground clearance. It can perform the sort of highway or ground that your respective auto is able to cross over without any chinks on its bumpers, body, and undercarriage elements.

Still, there are several more elements that affect a 2003 Subaru Forester ground clearance for any vehicle enthusiast to take into account. An automobile`s approach angle reveals the most abrupt hilltop on which the model could climb free of the wreckage, equal to scraping the front bumper with a shelf. Another issue when looking at the ground clearance is a departure angle as long as the lower it will be the much more threat for your respective auto to get stuck with the rear bumper. The further additional gimmick to keep in mind is actually a break-over position, that evaluates the interval between the front and back wheels of your own 2003 Subaru Forester and the car`s most low-lying part. Such a factor touches the bluffest spot your vehicle is able to pass with no high-centering.

In conclusion, when you have a desire to invest in a 2003 Subaru Forester, you have to be assured concerning the type of your vehicle. Hence it is commonly known, sedans typically have the lowest ground clearance, even though lavish ones may come with some outstanding stats. Hatchbacks are pretty nice for both metropolis and infrequent outings so their ground clearance would be decent for unconstrained cross-country activities. Sports utility vehicles are aimed to pick you up to the most unanticipated spots thanks to their large frame, high stance, and, sure thing, the largest ground clearance.